Raymond and Lucia have had a 25 year career in the music Industry - from staging all night licensed parties for 20,000 people in the 1990’s, to running their own nightclub which had a community ethos for aspiring artists and dubbed by the Guardian newspaper as the ‘Motown of South London’. The nightclub saw the likes of Marsha Ambrosius perform her first showcase, Daft Punk, Bjork and Frankie Knuckles perform at the venue. They discovered, developed and managed Jessie J with Raymond taking her to the USA to perform at Viper Rooms (LA) and SOB in New York which led to her signing to Universal USA. Using the power of music they devised the ‘Don't Trigger Campaign’ - a nationwide anti-gun and knife campaign which galvanised over a hundred mothers who had lost children to gun and knife crime. Endorsed by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, it sent a powerful message about the devastating impact of gun and knife crime and how we  all have a responsibility to make change. The campaign video is used by Amnesty International, schools and the Prison and Probation services. The power and success of the campaign led to an invitation to meet Mayor Bloomberg in New York.


Spokesperson and Lead Investigator

2014 - Present | Raymond was in Shirley Oaks Children’s Home from the age of 3-15 years old and is the lead investigator and spokesperson for SOSA. He interviews ex Lambeth residents, members of staff, and whistleblowers to help with the investigation. He investigates all leads into suspected paedophiles and the children’s homes they worked in.


Survivor Liason and Campaign Co-ordinator

2014 - Present | Lucia oversees the day to day running of the office and campaign. Lucia liaises with Lambeth in the obtaining of care records for former Lambeth care children. Lucia deals on a one to one basis with the survivors on personal matters including assisting with reading care files to members who are elderly and/or have reading and writing difficulties. Lucia also manages the 24 hour mobile phone; a telephone number which receives calls from survivors and is never turned off. Lucia also continues to manage the database of care children looking for relatives/friends and has successfully reunited numerous siblings who have lost contact over the decades. Lucia is the SOSA media contact and organises all media interviews and supporting coverage.


Investigator and Data Handler

2015 - Present | Rebecca holds the information given to us by Survivors and Whistleblowers. When instructed she will go through care records and historic records to find information to help with investigations and survivors’ compensation claims. Rebecca works alongside Lucia liaising with all survivors to make sure they have completed their surveys and provided relevant information. She also assists those members who have difficulty with reading and writing. Rebecca runs the online platforms including website, Facebook, emails and liaises with Lucia on priority issues.


Investigation Analysis

2016 - 2018 | Former employee of Commission for Racial Equality where she was Director of HR and Corporate Services and Interim Chief Executive Officer. Maxine has an extensive knowledge of Lambeth through the commissioned work we have entrusted her with: Turning a Blind Eye for 33 Years and proof-reading Shirley Oaks Report, ‘Looking for a Place Called Home. Maxine also worked on the case studies that were contained in the report. Maxine works closely with Rebecca, Lucia and Raymond to create reports that corroborate survivors’ statements.



2017 - 2018 | Lynton was in Shirley Oaks from the ages of 2-17 years and is a qualified solicitor.  He is one of the few people who Raymond personally trusts, having known him all of his life and a person that former residents also trust. Lynton was the point of contact with the SOSA legal team and his job was to keep a rein on any expenditure by providing case studies in accordance with standard legal practise. He had previously worked with Imran Khan and Marcia Willis Stewart. Lynton also helped to identify any criminal offences and informed us if we needed to discuss any matters with the police

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