One phone call in July 2014 set the ball rolling to expose what has now been judged to be the biggest sexual abuse scandal the UK has ever seen, leading to the biggest cover-up involving the London Borough of Lambeth, the Metropolitan Police and other powerful people.  What they didn’t anticipate was 40 years later, the children of Shirley Oaks Children’s Home, led by former resident Raymond Stevenson and the

Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) team, would unite under the banner of old Shirley Oaks mottos: 

‘All For One, One For All’ and ‘Justice or Revenge’. 


Part of SOSA’s strategy for raising the profile of abuse in Lambeth’s care homes was to create media campaigns via the national and local news. Contained within these campaigns were messages that would empower residents who had remained silent to come forward. Below is a selection of news articles which SOSA has compiled to provide the background to the country’s most appalling injustices.

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